Ricky Frank

Born in Rye, New York, Ricky currently lives in Marietta, Georgia with his wife, Pat Floyd, and their daughter, Lily, whom they adopted from China. A well-respected jewelry artist and master enameler, Ricky started an enameling program at his daughter’s school and is beginning to experiment with mosaics. His jewelry designs are intricate, colorful and creative. Website: rickyfrankenamels.com

Heather Key Tiller

Born in Rock Hill, South Carolina, Heather graduated with a Business degree from Vanderbilt University and today resides in Charleston, South Carolina. Largely self-taught as a jewelry artist, she also studied jewelry design at the Penland School with Bob Edendorf. Her jewelry art features modern designs that are easily transitional from casual to elegant wear. Website: filigreecharleston.com

Joan Horn

A jewelry artist born in New York City, Joan today lives in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania with husband Burt and children Abby, Zach, and Max and her feline muse, Cleo. Joan’s jewelry design is known for its linear qualities and universal appeal.

Eric & Krista Mccafferty

Eric and Krista McCafferty are from Petaluma, California. Eric apprenticed under the founder of Studio 311 (Katherine Aberle). Eric’s wife Krista, began by managing a gallery and learning the retail/service side. They enjoy hiking, gardening, and hanging out with the kids and dogs. Beautiful forms and lush textures of nature, in Somoma County inspire them. Also, classic forms of art, from wrought iron to Japanese woodblock printing. The studio uses 100% recycled gold “Eco.Gold” and conflict free diamonds. Website: studio311.com

Alex Sepkus

Born in Lithuania, Alex now lives in Westchester County, New York. llyn selected Alex as a featured jewelry artist because of his attention to detail and exceptional jewelry design: Alex designs each piece of jewelry art under a microscope. Website: alexsepkus.com


Paul Willsea and Carol O’Brien are a husband and wife team. With their three children and an assortment of animals they reside and work in the beautiful Bristol Hills of western New York. By combining blown and cast glass they create classic contemporary bowls, tall vases and platters. Website: willseaobrien.com

Jerry Spaulding

He is one of the two pioneers of Titanium and Gold wedding bands in the USA. Began developing current like in 1998. Since childhood, he has had a passion for excellence in varied fields ranging from fine arts to engineering. He was always been drawn to finely crafted metal products of both artistic as well as industrial nature. Website: jerryspaulding.com

Michael Michaud

Jewelry Artist Michael Michaud was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and raised in Westport, Connecticut. He graduated from the School for American Craftsmen at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He began experimenting with the techniques that launched the Silver Seasons jewelry collection in 1992, which he’s expanded upon today to combine his exceptional knowledge of jewelry design with his love of nature. He resides in Fairfield, Connecticut. Website: fourseasonsdesigngroup.com

Gerhard Herbst

Gerhard is a jewelry artist with an intuitive understanding of sculptural form and has been making jewelry designs since the age of fifteen. He studied sculpture and jewelry design at San Diego State University, graduating with honors, and established his jewelry art business in 1984. He currently resides in Oceanside, California. Website: gerhardjewelry.com

Charlene Biesele

Charlene believes that her jewelry design is a combination of emotion and practicality, designed to enhance and provide a lasting statement. Her jewelry designs are reminiscent of natural forms and were chosen as part of llyn’s gallery because of their fluid lines. llyn’s best friend and outstanding jewelry artist, Charlene grew up in Texas and current resides in Venice, California.

Biba Schcutz

Biba graduated from American University in Washington, DC. She likes to explore the boundary between the visible and the invisible. She considers rhythm, scale and movement when designing a piece. She currently lives and works in New York City.

Gabriel Ofiesh

Gabriel received a degree in English literature from the University of Virginia. Unable to secure a teaching position, he took some of the jewelry designs he made as a hobby to sell one weekend in Chatham, Virginia and thus launched a 30-year career as a jewelry artist. Largely self-taught, Gabriel is known for the technical precision of his jewelry art. Today, he lives in Charlottesville, Virginia. Website: gabrielofiesh.com

David & Ronnie

Born in Northern Kibbov, Israel, David and Ronnie have been making their own brand of jewelry designs for over 16 years. Ronnie started in the jewelry business in Israel, first manufacturing and then designing while David first sold jewelry before making his own jewelry art creations. They began designing jewelry together in the U.S., in Los Angeles for 8 years, then moving to Las Vegas, where they currently reside. Website: davidandronnie.com

Peter Schmid

Peter Schmid first trained as a goldsmith and jewellery designer at the Berufskolleg für Formgebung, Schmuck und Gerät in Schwäbisch Gmünd. Inspired by the work of Michael Zobel, he came to Konstanz in 1995 to apprentice in his studio. He never left. After working with Michael for 10 years, Peter took over leadership of the Atelier in 2005. Atelier Zobel has continued to win numerous awards with Peter as designer, including the Couture Design Award, presented in Las Vegas, USA. Peter’s work has also been published extensively: most recently, in Joanna Hardy’s Collect Contemporary Jewelry. Website: atelierzoble.com

Corey Hubble

Born in Seattle, it seems natural that Corey Hubbell would be attracted to glass. He picked up his first blow pipe in 1989 when he began blowing glass at Vines Art Glass Studio. With natural talent and a fascination for the element, he quickly became head glass blower and designer for several years. During this time Corey also worked on special glass projects with leading artists in the Seattle area and worked in Bermuda and Australia. Although Corey’s experience covers flame work, cold working and fused glass, his focus remains on blown glass. He opened the Redmond School of Glass in 2003 where he teaches students from beginners to advanced. And as a 2006 Pilchuck graduate, he has further diversified and expanded his knowledge and passion for glass.

Ben Caldwell

Mihn was born in Saigon, Vietnam and spent part of his childhood in the Philippines. After studying Geophysics at Yale University, he apprenticed with The Great Bri one in southern California, before returning to the east coast where he currently lives and works. He is married to the fiber artist, Anna Shapiro, and and has a 6 year old daughter, Sophie. Website: romeoglass.com

Josh Simpson

Josh grew up in South Salem, New York and today resides in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. Self-taught as a glass artist, he has a degree in psychology from Hamilton College. His glass art is inspired by both the US space program, where his wife, Cady Coleman, is an astronaut, and his discovery of marbles on his farm in Shelburne Falls. In fact, one of his small “planets” traveled into space with his wife aboard the shuttle Columbia. Website: megaplanet.com

Janusz Zaduroqicz

Since 1986, Janusz Zadurowicz (M.A.) deals with the wider creation in the field of painting, graphics, typography, photography, design and jewelry. Artistic studies in Poland and also in the United States under the direction of John Antonio and Linda McCune at Greenville Tech. College. Janusz projects have received more than a dozen (13) international awards related to creativity. In 1995 he received the first prize in the competition for global thematic poster for the United Nations in New York, USA. His projects are in collections: The MOCA (Museum of Computer Art) in New York, The United Nations Museum in New York. Till 2014 he made 62 art exhibitions in dozens of countries, supported by reviews in the professional press in Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Japan, New Zealand and the United States. Since 2008, Janusz is designing scenography for the museums in Poland: Krakow, Warsaw, Plock.

Ric Standridge

A native of Greenville, Standridge has left his mark in this community as the Founder of South Carolina Children’s Theatre and as a Recruiting Director for the SC Governor’s School for the Arts. His paintings have been exhibited in countless galleries throughout the Southeast and his works are highly sought after by both private and corporate collectors. Standridge continues to explore new avenues of expression. Ric states, “That each painting is a synthesis of the varied cultural influences that have shaped my own consciousness. These influences are entered into my paintings; the order and the complexity that results is intended to convey a simple message: reverence for life and the human form and spirit”. Website: http://ricstandridge.com

Prentice Hicks

Prentice, a glass artist and merchant seaman based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, built his own studio and furnaces from scratch. He prefers his glass art loose and fluid to reflect the properties of glass itself. He uses no tools, working only with heat, centrifugal force and gravity. Website: prenticehicks.com