llyn strong

llyn is a jewelry artist, wife, mother, business owner, and South Carolina native who embraces traditional approaches and new technologies to create truly unique, wearable art. An award-winning jeweler, llyn strong has been described as a “jewelry artist with an eye for life.” She made her first piece of jewelry in 1972, which kicked off a 40-year career. Now she works in her own art jewelry gallery in downtown Greenville, alongside her daughter, crafting natural-colored gemstones and precious metals into memorable, timeless pieces of art jewelry.

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kate worthen

Kate Worthen was born in Greenville, SC. She graduated from the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities in 2009 with a concentration in metal work and then from Furman University with a BA in visual arts with a concentration in sculpture. She currently acts as the CAD technician at llyn strong, practicing cutting edge 3d modeling and printing techniques to actualize llyn’s designs. Kate spends her spare time hosting trivia at several bars in Greenville and hanging out with her cat Obi-Wan.

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sydney strong

Sydney was born in Greenville, SC and moved to Charleston, SC to attend and play soccer at the College of Charleston. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art, with a concentration in Photography. Sydney lived in Charleston for 10 years, teaching soccer to children, before moving back to Greenville to work for her mom, llyn. Sydney manages employees, sales, and bookkeeping. She is currently working on her graduate gemologist degree from GIA, which on completion will allow her to appraise, grade, and determine the quality of stones.

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erin stuart

Erin Stuart was born and raised in Greenville, SC and she received her BFA from Winthrop in Visual Arts with a concentration in sculpture. After college, Erin’s interest evolved from pure sculpture to jewelry, which she thinks of as wearable sculptures. Erin enjoys the whole process of jewelry creation and all types of jewelry. Her duties at llyn strong involve managing llyn’s social media presence as well as sales.

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