about llyn strong

thirty-five years in the making

the perfect gift today… a family heirloom, tomorrow.

With more than 35 years experience, llyn strong has earned the reputation as one of the most sought-after jewelry designers in the Southeast. She has won multiple design awards, both in the United States and Internationally. Her popular signature series such as strong LIFE™Arch Rings, and The Angel Collection showcase her ability to produce timeless works of wearable art, and her modullyn Modular Jewelry system encourages interchangeability.

Notably adept as an artist and jeweler, llyn strong is able to create unique, exclusive and personal jewelry for her clients. Each piece is handmade and showcases the wearer’s individuality.

what our customers are raving about

We came to a Gemstone Roundtable last fall, it's absolutely wonderful, it's a lot of fun, we learn alot, see a lot of stones.

John Purcell

what our customers are raving about

It has been interesting to learn about gems.

Lil Glenn

what our customers are raving about

The Gemstone Roundtable was awesome, so much fun!

Betty Edwards

what our customers are raving about

We picked out an engagement ring in twenty minutes. It was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done, which completely surprised me. I figured it would take a long time to find the perfect ring.

John Breaux

what our customers are raving about

I was so pleased with the custom ring that llyn strong designed for me. It was beautiful and was exactly the custom designed jewelry I was looking for! Thank you!

Janice C.