• Gifts that Give More… More OPTIONS!

    Gifts that Give More.... more OPTIONS! Are you familiar with llyn's modular systems?  You may have heard us ask you that question every time you have come in llyn strong fine jewelry.  That is because llyn is known for having a modular clasp necklace system and a modular earring jacket system. The beauty of these [...] Continue Reading
  • History of a Holiday Gemstone!

    Tanzanite was recently named a December birthstone due to its popularity. It was only discovered in 1967. At that time, Saks Fifth Avenue in New York did not want to sell it.  They believed it would not be popular. Tiffany & Co. then branded this gem as Tanzanite and got it on the market. This is a […]

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  • Stocking Stuffers!

    Are you looking for stocking stuffers this Christmas? Now is the time to start shopping! At llyn strong fine jewelry, we have many, many ideas on what you can fill your loved ones' stockings with. We have hand blown glass ring stands in all sorts of colors, hand blown business card holders, also unique and [...] Continue Reading
  • llyn strong’s Wishlist for Santa

    Did you know that you can create a Wishlist here at llyn strong fine jewelry? While exploring our gallery, you can let us know what jewelry or glass you love.  We will create your own wishlist in our computer, which will be saved for as long as you want. We then can help play Santa and […]

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  • Statement Cuff Bracelets

    Have you seen llyn's statement cuffs? They are made with oxidized sterling silver, diamonds, other gemstones, fused gold dust, 18 karat yellow gold wires, imagery of dragons and abstractions of the milky way. Those are just a few of the variations within these bracelets. Here at llyn strong fine jewelry, we carry many different cuffs [...] Continue Reading
  • Jewelry as Art

    Hello everyone, Today, I am going to keep it short and sweet. One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art. - Oscar Wilde I believe this quote really sums up the jewelry by llyn strong.  She makes jewelry that is more unique than most.  It is jewelry that expresses [...] Continue Reading
  • Little Sam shadows llyn!

    For seven year old Sam's school professional day, he chose to visit llyn strong fine jewelry! He was so excited about coming, that he called his grandmother early to tell her the news.  He even made his own bracelet ahead of time, so he could be wearing his design while he shadowed. Sam was full [...] Continue Reading
  • Out on the Town Tonight!

    Hey everyone, Today I decided to tell you a little about one of llyn’s favorite places around town… the Peace Center. llyn frequents the shows at the Peace Center, and tonight, she is heading to see Anything Goes! http://www.peacecenter.org/shows/ Check their calendar to view all of the upcoming shows, and you will probably run into llyn […]

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  • Druzy in Jewelry

    As you may have noticed, llyn has been including a lot of druzy into her new designs. Druzy (or Druse) is essentially a "tiny field of crystals."  It comes from quartz, especially in agates.  A variety of minerals can be in druzy, including garnet and dolomite. Druzy is what you see in the inside of [...] Continue Reading
  • llyn won a Commendation Award!

    llyn recently entered an International Pearl Design Competition through the Cultured Pearl Association of America.  She won a Commendation Award! The competition had entries from 15 countries, so llyn is very excited to have gotten this honor. Click here for the complete list of winners… http://www.cpaa.org/ipdc2013.asp The CPAA is a non-profit founded in 1957.  It […]

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  • llyn, a member of SNAG

    The Society of North American Goldsmiths is an organization for artists, designers, jewelers and metalsmiths. http://www.snagmetalsmith.org/ SNAG also puts on Metalsmith Magazine, which is one of the premier publications on art jewelry.  (I highly suggest subscribing to it if you have interest in the arts!) This magazine does not just show traditional jewelry, it shows […]

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  • Kate learns Intermediate Matrix

    Kate Worthen (Lil' Kate), llyn's assistant goldsmith, traveled to Illinois last week to complete her Intermediate Matrix training in order to create 3D computer renderings, which llyn casts into metal designs! Last Spring, Kate began her Matrix training in order to help llyn create her designs.  Now, she is capable of helping make more advanced renders and [...] Continue Reading
  • SOFA Chicago Highlights

    llyn has today and tomorrow left at SOFA! This is SOFA's 20th annual show and has 70 international vendors participating. Here is a link to this year's highlights so far... http://www.sofaexpo.com/chicago/content/2013/sofa-chicago-2013-highlights Continue Reading
  • llyn as part of the Metropolitan Arts Council!!

    llyn’s Metropolitan Arts Council profiles have arrived! http://www.greenvillearts.com/art-scene/arts-directory/?ci=&page=&q=llyn&x=0&y=0    

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  • Birthstones

    Birthstones are known to bring good luck.  We don't really know where this tradition started but it thought to have started in India or possibly South America. Here is a little poem about October's birthstone, the opal: "October's child is born for woe, And life's vicissitudes must know, But lay an opal on her breast, [...] Continue Reading
  • llyn’s Life Rings

    llyn's Life Rings are a great way to commemorate an event or a length of your life or someone else's life. They are encrusted with symbols, stones and words that represent and are customized to you. Each ring is unique.  It can have as many or as few details as you wish. These rings can [...] Continue Reading
  • AGTA: your source for credible colored gemstone buying

    Did you know that llyn strong is a member of AGTA (American Gem Trade Association)? This means as a buyer, your interests when buying colored gemstones through her are protected. AGTA was founded in 1981 in Tucson by a group of gemstone dealers who were not happy with the local gem show.  They knew that […]

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  • Jewelry in the Greek Tradition

    Have you wondered how the Classical World thought of jewelry and why it is such a significant gift? I have a little insight for you on how Greeks thought of jewelry from Dyfri Williams and Jack Ogden’s book, Greek Gold:  Jewelry of the Classical World.  We mostly hear about gold from the Classical World, although […]

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  • a Happy Customer!

    We received a sweet note in the mail about a custom piece and wanted to share a few words from it!  We really appreciate the great feedback and the thought that went into writing it! In regards to a custom ring llyn made, Brittany Monroe says, “you turned a dream into a beautiful piece of […]

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  • Jewelry Appraisals

    If you are like me, it is probably time to get your jewelry appraised or re-appraised! You want your jewelry appraised for insurance. You also want to reappraise your jewelry every 3 years.  If it is lost or stolen, you want to be sure that you are given today’s value to replace it. If your […]

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