Modullyn Jewelry

create + collect + combine

versatile design pieces with an artistic edge

With the Modullyn system you can create distinct earrings and necklaces from an exclusive selection of interchangeable components to capture a unique style for any event or outfit. Each new Modullyn piece presents another dimension of creativity and self-expression. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us for assistance at 864-233-5900 or


combine and swap necklace clasps

The Modullyn necklace clasp system is very secure and easy to use. Here are some instructions to help get started. We recommend practicing with the necklace before putting it on.


Grasp the clasp bead in one hand and the end of the strand in your other hand. Insert the small metal end of the strand (called the “key”) into the opening in one end of the clasp bead. Applying gentle pressure, twist the key clockwise until it drops into the clasp bead. Keep pressing together, and gently twist clockwise about ј turn to engage clasp. You will know the clasp is closed if you stop pressing together and the clasp and strand stay attached. A gentle tug on the clasp and strand will ensure that the clasp is secure. Repeat with the other side.


Grasp the clasp bead in one hand and one end of the strand in the other. Gently push together and twist counter-clockwise about ј turn to open.

mix and match earring components

Modullyn earrings allow the wearer to mix and match earring components, hoops, jackets, and studs to create stunning new combinations. Like a charm, the Modullyn earring system uses a simple hoop and post system for hanging jackets from studs. Exponentially increase your possibilities with our interchangeable, collectable earrings.